Transforming Pumps with Smart Sensor

Transforming Pumps with Smart Sensor

By Energy CIO Insights | Thursday, October 11, 2018

If sensors can help monitor and control motors, why shouldn’t it provide the same valuable functionality to pumps as well? A pump manufacturing giant Emile Egger was the first to ask this significant question that changed the landscape of conventional pumping systems. Emile Egger has brought about a new wave of revolution, improving its products and processes with sophisticated smart sensor solution and making it easier and convenient for owners and manufacturer alike to reduce maintaining downtime. Working in tandem with ABB Ability—a pioneer in robotics and automation industry—Emile Egger has come out with a state of the art solution to the maintenance complications of pumping systems. The latest development in pumps promises to substantially reduce the downtime occurring due to blockages, clogging and various other issues.

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The partnership between ABB Ability and Egger led to an innovative solution built in just a span of one year. The integration of hardware provided by ABB and the sensor by Egger helps the service provider to capture values on pump speed, cavitation, clogging and vibration, thereby detecting problems beforehand and getting them fixed quickly. Being an employer of the best human talent, ABB has utilized the scientific and technological expertise of its workforce from across the globe including the U.S., India, and Switzerland.

In the aftermath of the development, the manufacturer carried out its first test in its test facility—Cressier—in 2017 and the result was a massive success. The ABB Smart Sensor Technology regularly accumulates data from the pump and then sends it to the cloud gateway of ABB Ability where it gets processed to generate insightful reports for the company to take action early on. 

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