Top 4 Technological Advances in the Oil and Gas Industry

Top 4 Technological Advances in the Oil and Gas Industry

Energy CIO Insights | Tuesday, June 23, 2020

The oil and gas industry is advancing each year. As the organizations look forward to increasing the efficacy, what technological advances should they keep in mind that will transform the industry?

FREMONT, CA: The oil and gas sector is undergoing a significant change thanks to digital innovations. Compared to the other industries where businesses have openly embraced the technology and information revolution, oil and gas have delayed a bit. The oil and gas part in the sector that efficiently draws on the power of the digital improvements can get a significant competitive advantage over competitors.

Below given are some of the technological advances in the oil and gas industry.

Logistic Evolution

Every part of the supply chain has inefficiencies, which can be solved. Companies have developed a platform that makes the extraction more efficient by using an automatic injection system to prevent hydrate formation. Some of the other research suggests that the use of metal-organic frameworks can revolutionize oil and gas transportation by minimizing the need to vent the harmful materials throughout the complete journey. Those kinds of logistical enhancement will make the entire supply chain more efficient.

Top 10 Digital Oil Field Solution Companies - 2019Integrating IoT

Integrated machines always have up-to-date information. It helps oil and gas firms to predict equipment failure and minimize the overall downtime. A single pump failure can cost approximately hundreds of dollars in lost productivity. If the condition of pumps is known in real-time, replacements can be ready for those deemed susceptible to failure. That kind of real-time data will aid the management group make better, more informed decisions.


Automated technologies and robotics are at a point where they can do high-risk jobs better than humans. For instance, mechanical drilling will reduce overhead, earn employee safety, and make it economically feasible to drill on smaller sites.

Communications Solutions

When offshore or remote location, even the essential communication, can present a monumental challenge. It utilizes the latest satellite technology to link the most inaccessible areas with voice and data connectivity, permitting better communication throughout the supply chain. It also works with IoT initiatives for gathering and transmitting essential sensor data.

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