Together Enterprises Boost the Digital Asset Trading

Together Enterprises Boost the Digital Asset Trading

Energy CIO Insights | Wednesday, October 07, 2020

The merger of the enterprises helps in increased blockchain adoption around the world. 

FREMONT, CA: Bittrex, a premier U.S. based platform blockchain platform, has further boosted its advanced technology and real-time services by purchasing Tradedash, a trading tool. Bittrex provides dependable digital wallets, trade execution, and industry-leading security practices to businesses.

Tradedash offers a secure, real-time, and user-centered design to personal and professional customers. The organization combines the proven techniques from conventional trading markets with the rising blockchain-based digital asset system. The enterprise’s users get a chance to tailor the markets they want to view on the shored up trading platforms along with other features. The added attributes include seeing instant estimated prices in the chosen currency, getting real-time alerts to benefit from the market opportunities, and scaling in and out of positions to place multiple orders at once.

Established in 2017, the developers of Tradedash, Wesam Mikhail and Linus Peren formed the tool with the high-volume online asset traders in mind. Ever since, the platform has become a well-liked solution to sophisticated traders who desire to customize their trade experience to their requirements; real-time data assisted with trading platforms. Overall, Tradedash customers have placed orders worth several billion dollars.

Bittrex aims at advancing the blockchain industry by developing new and emerging technology, nurturing innovation, and driving transformative change. Bittrex is on a constant lookout for ways to improve their technique and the user experience, so incorporating Tradedash’ potential seemed natural for the organization. The new deal makes the enterprise better and builds opportunities to make the additional upgrades to the user experience in the future, along with strengthening the team. Besides, the enterprise also aims at increased blockchain adoption across the world.

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For Tradedash, Bittrex seemed to be their first choice for a trading platform to join together since the instigation. Additionally, joining Bittrex was a natural development for the enterprise as they will keep on delivering high-quality products on a larger scale.

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