TMEIC's Innovations Driving Electric Automation Systems

TMEIC's Innovations Driving Electric Automation Systems

By Energy CIO Insights | Friday, January 04, 2019

TMEIC (Toshiba Mitsubishi-Electric Industrial Systems Corporation) is driving industrial electric and automation systems for industrial plants across the world by offering unique system solutions that include variable frequency drives, photovoltaic inverters, and other industrial applications. TMEIC is derived from the integration of Toshiba and Mitsubishi Electric Corporations industrial systems divisions. TMEIC is committed to approaching collaborative solutions development that ensures that every industry can benefit from the world’s brightest minds. With this transformative approach, TMEIC is positioned to develop innovative technologies that quickly respond to the industry trends and implement the solutions to the markets around the globe.

The success of TMEIC is directly tied to its client’s achievements. TMEIC’s experienced team of engineers work hand-in-hand with their partners to ensure that the challenges are addressed and the business goals are achieved. The company delivers its services right from the introduction of the systems to its eventual modernization as the technology advances. TMEIC contributes to focus on the industrial market, accelerate advanced innovations, and implement the globalization according to the evolution. An emphasis is made on the development of green technologies that are effective for the conservation of the environment on the planet. Therefore, TMEIC contributes to the sustainable society where environment and economy go hand-in-hand. As a global community member, TMEIC remembers and carries the social responsibilities and help the stakeholders and customers realize the social values and responsibilities by implementing green technologies. In support of conservation of energy, TMEIC supports green energy systems like wind power and solar power which are essential for the sustainable society.

TMEIC is selected to provide industrial drive and automation solutions that include automation of Landside Transfer Zone (LSTZ) for expanding the second major terminal at Abu Dhabi. This Phase-II expansion project includes Konecranes Automated-Stacking Cranes (ASC) at Khalifa Port Container Terminal (KPCT). Previously, TMEIC provided automation solutions for the 52 Konecranes ACS during the phase-I expansion project which was commissioned in December 2012. “We value our partners at TMEIC because of our shared focus on delivering customer-centric services that increase the value and effectiveness of our clients’ businesses,” concluded Jussi Sarpio, Director of ASC and RMG Cranes at Konecranes. Apart from supplying over 300 TMEIC TMdrive®-10e2 industrial drives, phase-II automation also includes laser-based Maxview® and Maxspeed® crane control systems used to reduce equipment maintenance and ensure labor safety. The advanced technological solutions solve many challenges at the ports around the globe that are struggling to reduce their carbon footprints and improving the terminal efficiency. The equipment delivery will be commencing in September 2019 and will be scheduled to complete in 2020. Innovation and unprecedented knowledge are the two aspects that are making TMEIC stay ahead of other competitors in the industry.  

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