The U.S. Administration to Accelerate Solar Energy Projects and Job...

The U.S. Administration to Accelerate Solar Energy Projects and Job Opportunities

By Energy CIO Insights | Tuesday, July 14, 2020

WASHINGTON, DC: The Obama Administration is initiating numerous operations to assure clean energy, extend job opportunities and eliminate problems due to climate change. Recently the Administration has announced new operations to elevate solar access to all citizens and expand job openings for solar workforce.

The new operations will aid low and moderate income community, renters and startups lacking capital to invest in solar. The key announcement include launching and developing a National Community Solar Partnership Program where a solar system will be deployed in leased portion of a building along with usage guideline to provide solar technology access to residence or businesses who are deprived of resources to install the solar system. National Community Solar Partnership is combined effort by the U.S. Department of Energy, Department of Agriculture, Environmental Protection Agency and many private and national energy laboratories like Citi, State of California, Black Rock Solar and Grand Valley Power.

They planned to implant 300 MW of renewable energy with technical assistance on usage for federally subsidized buildings. To execute probably 260 solar energy project Housing authorities, rural electric co-operations and power organizations of approx 20 states are coming together.

In order to elevate employment opportunities in solar industry, a private sector such as AmeriCorps is funding to install solar system and provide jobs for people with inadequate services. The U.S. energy industries are also taking innovative measures to build broad solar workforce.

Administration aims to train and educate 75000 workers and 10 military bases regarding solar industry through Solar Vets program. The Department of Energy (DOE) and National Renewable Energy are releasing a guide which will have complete conceptual knowledge on solar system working. This will help construction industry to build integrated solar photovoltaic architecture. The subsidized cost encouraged cities like AZ, Tucson and CA to develop solar ready homes in coming times.

Additionally DOE are launching a webinar series which will update minor communities with job related information as well as facilitate them to discuss the impact of climate change on the job opportunities in energy efficiency verticals. The executive actions and private company commitment will scale up solar energy harvesting for enterprises and general public in coming years, conserving abundant of non-renewable energy.

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