The Square D Energy Center to Create End-to-End Energy Management

The Square D Energy Center to Create End-to-End Energy Management

Energy CIO Insights | Wednesday, October 28, 2020

The Square D Energy Center brings advanced functionality to homeowners to create end-to-end energy management, a residential ecosystem that matches the new energy landscape.

FREMONT, CA: Schneider Electric announces a technological and commercial partnership with SolarEdge Technologies for North America to boost the residential solar market and offer homeowners seamless energy management for smart homes of the future. The partnership combines Schneider Electric’s expertise in energy distribution and automation solutions with SolarEdge’s footprint in residential solar and smart energy management solutions that accelerate solar energy production and consumption. By joining forces, the two names in residential power distribution and solar wish to serve new market demands in California initially, where solar is now needed on all new-home construction as part of California Energy Commission updates to Title 24 Building Energy Efficiency Standards.

In combining Schneider Electric’s expertise with SolarEdge, the company is poised to meet customer demands while moving the needle on its shared vision of a sustainable, all-electric new energy world. The Square D Energy Center is a modular, compact energy management platform and electrical panel that offers homeowners personalized digital control over how their solar energy is produced, used, and stored. Powered by Schneider Electric’s Wiser technology and SolarEdge’s Energy Hub Inverter with Prism Technology, Square D Energy Center enables the convergence, scalability, and optimization of residential energy resources. Further, built-in energy monitoring abilities improve the user experience bridging the gap between home automation and digital energy management.

Key features include smart energy management with selectable whole home or critical-load backup, generator support and control, built-in consumption meter, and EV charging from the sun. The Qwik-Connect system allows electrical contractors to deploy the SolarEdge’s storage and backup solution based on the Energy Hub Inverter to the Square D Energy Center, without tools, and occupying a smaller footprint Square D Energy Center features a dedicated electrical panel compartment. Advanced safety technologies help reduce risk against fires, electroshocks, and surge events. Its QR code labeling system simplifies set up by reducing the time to configure devices once the home’s WiFi network has been created.

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