The Shift to Renewable Sources: 'Re'mapping the Energy Landscape

The Shift to Renewable Sources: 'Re'mapping the Energy Landscape

By Energy CIO Insights | Wednesday, February 27, 2019

The insensitive use of conventional sources of energy has put this world before diversified threats. There is a need to now rely on renewable sources, and different countries have undertaken innovative projects to combat this growing threat. For example, the UK government has undertaken the 'Road to Zero' project to ensure an emission-free transport system by 2040, and the U.S. is expected to have most of the energy from renewable sources in future, and the German government has set the goal to achieve 65 percent of the total energy from renewable sources by 2030. The world is ready to accept the renewable source as the primary source to meet the requirement of energy.

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In this rapidly changing scenario, the coal power plants are expected to become obsolete because of the changing demand of the market, the changing environmental scenario, and the growing cost of production. EIA has decided to put a brake on a number of coal-mines by the end of 2019, and the most significant name coming in the list is the Navajo Generating Station at Arizona. This revolt against the coal-mines is not only restricted to the U.S., but it is true to other countries. In western Minnesota, a coal plant, which stopped working previously, has recently been dismantled, and the government with the help of Fagen Inc. has built a wind farm to meet the demand for energy.

Besides the destruction of coal-power plants, some turbine plans are under the radar of EIA. Though the retirement program of 2019 majorly consists of the coal plants, natural gas, nuclear, and a single hydroelectric plant is also in the list.

It is the proper time to restructure the whole energy landscape. The U.S. Energy Department plays a vital role in ensuring the change by undertaking important measures, like the launch of a hub to empower the development of wind power and has supported the devices that leverage ocean energy. The country is serious about this gradual shift to renewable sources. For example, the California Building Standard Commission (CBSC) has given approval to the plan of installing solar panels to every new house from 2020.

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