The 'Next Big Thing' Technology & Renewable Energy Have In-Store

The 'Next Big Thing' Technology & Renewable Energy Have In-Store

Energy CIO Insights | Friday, September 27, 2019

Remarkable advances in the renewable energy sector are occurring in the U.S., as researchers continue to improve and expand technologies while companies continue to step up to address climate change.

FREMONT, CA: Energy Storage Showing Up In Unconventional Places:

A flexible solar panel, as thin as paper, is in development by the researchers at Virginia Tech. The group of scientists has been on a mission to develop tile-sized solar panels using titanium oxide paste to create transferrable energy sources. These small solar tiles-like cells can be used on multiple surfaces, as they are designed to be flexible. The solar tiles gather energy from LED and fluorescent lighting inside the building. 

The next step for the flexible solar tiles is to be utilized on the exterior surface of the car for energy generation, thereby prolonging the life of the battery in the vehicle. Even though this technology is still in the testing stage, the future seems bright. If the issues like the surface of the car being insufficient for full charging of the battery and the panels are not efficient enough to make a meaningful difference. Many other emerging applications to the technology include military backpacks and cell phones as well. 

Elon Musk made similar comments on the probability of cars having solar rooftops. The feature of being wrapped in flexible solar panels is high and likely in the future, but it might take some time. Regardless, electric car production units are expanding to several other areas. Significant players like Tesla, Jaguar, Nissan, and others have commenced development of ways to maximize the mileage of the electric cars. Currently, a major manufacturer is developing an affordable electric car such as the leaf, with sleek exteriors designed to draw attention. Many of these cars can get anywhere from 220-310 miles on a full charge.

More Widespread Usage Of Renewable Energy:

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Studies are ongoing across the country to find how the information is spread within the community and to make sure the future of the country’s clean energy more affordable, accessible, to everyone.

Virginia Tech was awarded a grant from the U.S. Department of Energy’s initiative and has introduced research in rural areas to determine what the factors that play a part in the adoption of solar power. The results will only shape the policies in rural areas across the U.S. but, newer methods will be innovated. MIT is evaluating the driving forces behind the reduction of PV system costs, for which the institute receives a SunShot Award. The institute’s findings report the engineers, policymakers, and stakeholders of the potential for future cost reduction.

Additionally, innovation and research assist in achieve advances that help advance renewable energy expansion. Many growing numbers of companies have recently committed to clean energy and procuring electricity from renewable sources such as solar, hydro, and wind. 

The higher the number of public companies, the more leadership roles is noted. The mammoth task of promoting renewable energy and a sustainable environment can be carried out by the leaders in the industry. By influencing all professionals to pledge a commitment to transform into 100 percent renewable practices, a holistic transformation is achieved. 

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