IDT-ZMDI Partnership to Provide Efficient Power Management Solutions

IDT-ZMDI Partnership to Provide Efficient Power Management Solutions

By Energy CIO Insights | Wednesday, September 06, 2017

SAN JOSE, CA: Addressing the problem of power management, Integrated Device Technology (IDT), provider of system-level solutions and ZMDI, semiconductor manufacturer, comes together to optimize their customer applications. The two parties have collaborated to develop energy-efficient power management solutions.

The collaboration includes ZMDI’s proprietary IP within digital power, specific products, joint development programs, and popular GUI interface software. The primary focus here is to enable companies to deliver systems that are energy efficient. In order to achieve this goal, the designers have developed semiconductors that will become a part of these innovative systems. 

“Digital power products from ZMDI will complement IDT’s existing scalable power solutions currently being used in enterprise computing and processor ecosystems,” says Sailesh Chittipeddi, Vice President of Global Operations and Chief Technology Officer at IDT.

A seemingly small improvement in an integrated circuit, such as a smart control mechanism or a smart algorithm, but still has the potential to increase energy efficiency in end systems when multiplied by millions of devices shipped to companies in all regions around the world. 

ZMDI analyses the energy-efficiency potential of each product during the design phase and identify ways it can help improve a customer’s applications and products.

Chittipeddi adds, “And these devices will enable our power solutions to be used in broader market segments, including industrial, communications and computing infrastructure that are typically tailored for higher current applications.”

Experts believe that integrating the two companies’ technologies and incorporating ZMDI’s higher-current architectures will allow IDT to address new market segments.

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