Supporting Customer's IT Needs With a Holistic Platform, LIVE-IT By...

Supporting Customer's IT Needs With a Holistic Platform, LIVE-IT By Rignet

Energy CIO Insights | Monday, March 23, 2020

Steven Pickett, President & CEO

A holistic service introduced to cater to dedicated IT resources and solutions in onshore/offshore, oil and gas organizations to support growth.

FREMONT, CA: A leading provider of intelligent networking and ultra-secure solutions recently introduced an IT-as-a-service (ITaaS) product, LIVE-IT. The ITaaS product supports the increasing necessities for the dedicated IT support handling the remote data at the edge to the core. The company RigNet is seasoned with more than 40 years of experience in client support, specifically in remote networking needs and possesses a large-scale technical field service organization. The benefits that a customer can leverage from RigNet’s are its full capacities to support the applications, hardware, and processes related reduction in costs, and faster delivery of IT. The use cases also include the provision of data-intensive, machine learning-based applications such as RigNet’s Intelie Live.

Based on the drive toward digital transformation and the success of Intelie, the importance of real-time, readily available, and accurate data has never been more significant. The new shared IT-services model allows the customers to avoid the costs and overheads of rapidly scaling up limited, dedicated IT resources. Through, the ITaaS platform, LIVE-IT, the customers’ queries have been catered to successfully. A partner who provides agile IT resources and support and can scale the growth of the client’s digital initiatives cost-effectively is presented.

 “The industry’s need to change initiated the next evolution of RigNet from a company that only provided communication services to one that accelerates our customers’ Digital Transformation,” elucidates Steven Pickett, CEO of RigNet, a company recognized and enlisted as one of the Top 10 Onshore/Offshore Technology Solution Providers in 2019 by Energy CIO Insights Magazine.

The new LIVE-IT solution by RigNet supports the holistic remote data ecosystem across an organization’s technology stack from the remote edge to the core. The solution provides overall monitoring, all round the clock along with incident reporting, data tag mapping, virtualization, and data store administration, network optimization and international hardware sparing, deployment and the capacity to bundle with RigNet’s Enhanced Cyberservices Solution (ECS) for data protection.

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