SunHydrogen Updates Renewable Hydrogen Production Machine

SunHydrogen Updates Renewable Hydrogen Production Machine

Energy CIO Insights | Tuesday, December 01, 2020

SunHydrogen has announced slight changes in the innovative technology that can produce renewable hydrogen by using sunlight and water.

FREMONT, CA: SunHydrogen, Inc., the developer of a revolutionary technology that can produce renewable hydrogen by utilizing sunlight and water, has announced an adjustment to the manufacturing procedure that will increase the hydrogen-producing solar cell assembly lifetime by utilizing a new blend of polymers to shield the device from photocorrosion of the solar cells. The upgrade has created a delay in production, but it has considerably enhanced the product and process. Now, the 100 demonstration panels are even back in full manufacturing mode.

The new combination of materials and methods were recognized with the help of engineering the manufacturing procedure. In August, the organization revealed that there would be a slight design change in the housing so that it can better accommodate the fittings for hydrogen release. The minor design alteration was made, and the fittings appropriate for thin devices were recognized and ordered. The solar cells are presently processed by utilizing a custom-built system for punching silicon solar cells without shorting them. It is one of the challenging parts of manufacturing demonstration devices. The application of protective coatings and catalysts then safeguards the solar cells from corrosion. The enhancement of the manufacturing procedure has been invaluable to the organization as additional investment and focus are implemented to accelerate its innovative nanotechnology hydrogen generation technology.

“We are extremely pleased with the improvements discovered as we work through production. The changes will ensure longer lifetimes for our devices,” said Dr. Joun Lee, CTO of SunHydrogen.  “This is exactly how the process is supposed to work in development.   Our technical team and the manufacturer work closely to improve the product, reduce its cost and effectively optimize the process.”

SunHydrogen is building innovative and cost-efficient technology to make renewable hydrogen by using sunlight and any water source, which includes seawater and wastewater. In hydrocarbon fuels, like oil, coal, and natural gas, carbon dioxide, and other contaminants are released into the atmosphere when used. But the utilization of hydrogen fuel produces pure water as the only byproduct. By improving the science of water electrolysis at the nano-level, the cost-efficient nanoparticles imitate photosynthesis to efficiently utilize sunlight to separate hydrogen from water to generate environmentally friendly renewable hydrogen.

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