Solar Energy Tech is Influencing Construction

Solar Energy Tech is Influencing Construction

Energy CIO Insights | Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Buildings have started using solar energy technologies as it helps them to reduce the usage of non-renewable energy.

FREMONT, CA: The solar energy is used as green energy, and it is gaining popularity in the last few years. Presently the sage of solar power has improved and increased than it was ever before. It can be used in industrial units, homes, offices, and other fields, opting for clean energy.

In recent times the photovoltaic energy has also garnered immense popularity as an investment in this energy sub-sector is increasing, which can be quite rewarding.

Here are the three types of the solar system that are popular and commonly used in various fields.

In the present day, solar energy is generated by utilizing three fundamental technologies.

1. Photovoltaic (PV)

This technology has the power to transform light into electricity directly.

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2. Solar heating and cooling (SHC) systems

The SHC technology gathers the thermal energy to supply air conditioning or heating, and hot water.

3. Concentrating solar power (CSP)

While using CSP heat is used from the sun as thermal energy to boost utility-scale electric turbines.

Here are 6 Reasons for which building are using the Solar Energy Technologies

Top 10 Solar Energy Technology Companies - 2019With the advanced technologies, it has become possible to use solar energy in a wide range of devices. The areas where the techniques can be used starts from agri-tech to space-tech and from cooking to a calculator. Nowadays, the construction industry uses solar energy technologies in buildings so that they can offer better facilities and reduce the use of non-renewable energy. Here are the primary reasons due to which buildings are using solar energy.

• Environmental consciousness

• CSR implication or beneficial for corporate buildings

• High social values and surge in the property value

• Increasing energy consumption

• Climate change globally

• Attracted to clean and renewable energy

4 Advantages of Using Solar Power in Buildings 

1. Unlimited Resource: Solar energy is one of the best renewable energy, and it will over a never-ending supply.

2. Ability to extend: The users can even easily extend their PV systems because they are modular.

3. Less impact on the environment: Solar technologies can even reduce the production of environmental pollution as it uses devices like different types of PV rooftops, large utilities, and many more.

4. Independence on energy: It decreases the pressure on natural energy resources as it makes the buildings energy independent.

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