Snohomish County PUD Selects Doosan GridTech's Energy Management...

Snohomish County PUD Selects Doosan GridTech's Energy Management System

Energy CIO Insights | Wednesday, November 04, 2020

Doosan GridTech’s energy management solution has sought the attention of Snohomish County PUD.

FREMONT, CA: Snohomish County PUD (SnoPUD) would choose the efficient vehicle-to-grid (V2G) energy management system that is offered by Doosan GridTech. SnoPUD aims to control two V2G fleet charging stations at its Arlington, Washington microgrid, by leveraging Doosan’s solution. By partnering with Doosan GridTech, SnoPUD would be able to take its energy management vertical to the next higher level and optimize it. The V2G energy system offered by Doosan enables SnoPUD to make its microgrid more and more efficient.

Doosan’s V2G energy management system specially serves the microgrid of SnoPUD. The system has the ability to charge a car and allow the vehicle’s energy to flow back to the grid for support during an outage. The solution also studies and addresses the common challenges of the practical implementation of a microgrid in order to provide renewable energy and grid support. This innovative grid solution aims to assess the power usage across the two-way interface. One of the most significant unique characteristics of the system is that it clearly shows the coordination of clean energy technologies in helping renewable energy integration and grid resiliency during disaster recovery.

Doosan GridTech is an end to end energy storage and management solutions, provider. The company would cater to the specific needs of the utility firms, industrial facility management ecosystems, project developers, and independent or private power generation and production companies. Doosan holds exceptional expertise with a team of brilliant power system engineers, software developers, and other technology experts to offer turnkey energy management solutions to its clients and customers. The solutions provided by the company promise to assess, collect, integrate, and optimize energy storage as well as distribution.   

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