Smart Meters Revolutionizing Utilities Industry

Smart Meters Revolutionizing Utilities Industry

By Energy CIO Insights | Thursday, June 06, 2019

FREMONT, CA: Smart meters have become a boon to customers, who get the total liberty of monitoring and modifying their power usage. Smart meters proffer flawless two-way communication between customers and relevant utilities, which helps in maintaining timely recognition of blackouts and safeguarding service consistency. As all kinds of utility companies keep on to marching towards a data-driven model, investments in innovative and smart technologies are on a roll.

Future of Smart Meters:

Smart meters are rising as prospective game changers that are invigorating the entire electric industry. For the next few years, smart meters will continue gathering momentum as a feasible tool in transforming the mode of power and utility industry. Smart meters empower customers in terms of getting maximum benefits from new technologies, including smart home technologies and battery storage. Energy efficiency, billing transparency, compliance, and performance will continue to be the key customer touchpoints used by manufacturers for profitable gains.

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Economic Use of AMI Smart Meters:

Stipulation for meters with advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) technology is set for a sharp rise. Outstanding availability at sensible prices continues to strengthen sales of AMI meters as evaluated against their advanced meter reading (AMR) counterparts. AMI outfits utility enterprises with real-time data and facilitates customers to create well-informed preferences concerning energy usage based on innumerable factors. A few other profits offered by AMI meters comprise reduced energy costs, system reliability, and greater transparency.

Evolution of Demand for Smart Meters:

Over the next few years, up-and-coming economies are predicted to be at the vanguard of smart meters’ installations, as dependable energy supply and management is cruising past the priority charts across those countries. The Asia Pacific and North America will carry on being two of the biggest markets for smart meters, with profits upheld by the effective deployment of attempts to augment billing accuracy.

Cellular Connectivity―Organizing Security, Flexibility, and Reliability:

As utility operators seek out a safe and consistent medium to connect to and correspond with the smart meter networks, cellular machinery prove to be the best fit. Cellular technology provides efficient and never-ending connectivity, thereby permitting the utility organizations to harmoniously connect to smart meter systems, anywhere and anytime.

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