Smart Grid Technology Shaping the Future Energy Landscape

Smart Grid Technology Shaping the Future Energy Landscape

Energy CIO Insights | Monday, February 25, 2019

Smart grid technology is going to make an impact throughout the energy ecosystem. Influences driving to the adoption of smart grid solutions include increased demand, integration of renewable energy resources, and government mandates for sustainable energy. The extensive landscape of smart grid provides generation, transmission, distribution, and the end-use customer. The smart grid is implementing intelligence to these operations to make the grid more efficient, more reliable, and more eco-friendly.

The smart grid technologies market is blooming. They are aligned perfectly with the need of the hour and are also predicted to have significant, long-lasting effects. This solution will overhaul traditional equipment and bring things up to speed. It will also help to reduce the likelihood of blackouts, burnouts and power surges and reduce both the cost of energy consumption and production. Smart grids with its full implementation will make renewable power feasible and equip the grid to line up with increasing energy demands. More importantly, the technology will promise consumers near real-time control of their energy consumption and facilitate large-scale electric vehicle charging.

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Successful adoption of smart grid technology enables great save in household energy consumption. It will force consumers to reduce energy consumption by providing real-time information on use. When consumers get to know how much energy they consume, they are likely to take appropriate measures to reduce their usage.

Avoiding obsolescence is essential when implementing smart grid solutions. The energy sector regulators must stress certain areas including security of information, utilization of industry standards to, and observability strategy. With the rising popularity of renewable energy providers must think about how can grid technology make renewable even more compelling. For instance grids with lots of built-in storage capacity, and smart grids to help customers adapt demand to supply. 

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