SINN Power Rolls Out Ocean Hybrid Platform

SINN Power Rolls Out Ocean Hybrid Platform

Energy CIO Insights | Tuesday, February 02, 2021

SINN Power rolls out Ocean Hybrid Platform for project developers across the world.

FREMONT, CA: SINN Power‘s Ocean Hybrid Platform (OHP) is now available for project developers worldwide. The world’s first modular, multi-functional maritime structure comes with a high degree of customization: size, buoyancy, layout, and several renewable energy sources can be adapted regarding the project‘s specific needs. Combining different power sources and LFP storage solutions is made possible by SINN Power‘s ModTroniX (MTX), the world‘s first product family of electric machines, power electronics, and storage offerings IP68 rating.

SINN Power‘s demonstration project of the OHP was implemented in proximity to Heraklion (Greece) port, where SINN Power operates its R&D facility. The modular platform is equipped with 192 PV modules (72 cells) rated at 390Wp each, offered by project partner Schmid Pekintas (Turkey). It will be complemented with 4 Huracan wind turbines (10kWp each) by LuvSide (Germany), followed by 4 SINN Power wave energy converters (WEC). Despite several challenges due to the COVID pandemic, the team managed to complete the installations within a time frame of 1 month and further boost the installation process for future implementations. The platform's structural integrity in the maritime environment has been tested at the breakwater wall since 2015, and SINN Power‘s ModTroniX, a product family of IP68 rated power electronics, will ensure the longevity and financial success of OHP projects around the world.

Developing a disruptive, innovative technology not only needs a motivated and dedicated team but courageous and visionary partners. By following a modular design method, SINN Power has managed to address and solve numerous issues regarding logistics, installation, and operations, all of which impact the financial performance significantly. Due to these dimensions, the needed infrastructure and tools to install the OHP are mitigated to light tools. All components come pre-fabricated, and the on-site installation is limited to plug&play tasks.

Additionally, SINN Power emphasized allowing hot-swapping for all components, which lets repairs and replacement of components without shutting down the whole OHP. A vital advantage of SINN Power‘s modular approach is its effect on financial performance.

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