Shell's Contribution toward the Energy Landscape Growth

Shell's Contribution toward the Energy Landscape Growth

By Energy CIO Insights | Thursday, April 04, 2019

After the success of the first cohort of E4 (Energizing and Enabling Energy Entrepreneurs) programme in 2018, Shell has made an announcement on it the second cohort of start-ups under the E4 programme; this will strengthen the position of Shell as a choice of partner for energy-sector entrepreneurs in the country. After severe evaluation and examination of hundreds of startups, eight startups have been shortlisted to be nurtured at the Shell Technology Centre Bangalore (STCB). The second cohort companies are distinct in their background and domains, which include digital-AR/VR, mobility solutions, energy management, logistics, energy IoT applications, and operations efficiency. Each startup has a strong bond with Shell’s businesses, and it will continue to play a significant role in supporting the development of technologies for modern and emerging operations at Shell.

Shell has successfully boosted its E4 programme in India; it offered single track for early-stage startups in 2018, and the programme now offers five tracks in 2019 which are Scale up (mid/late stage startups), Growth (early/mid stage startups), Women entrepreneur, Foreign (foreign startups entering India), and Focus tracks which bring together various groups of startups in areas like e-mobility, renewable energy, and waste to fuel, among others. Nitin Prasad, Chairman of Shell companies in India, stated that, after the success of first E4 programme last year, the company is delighted to announce that eight startups have been selected this year to be a part of the second cohort. The company scaled up to accommodate 30 startups annually.

The E4 programme was launched in 2017 to accelerate the energy transition in India and the business's operations in the country. By teaming with a diverse range of startups across the value chain, the company aims to give back to the ecosystem by transforming into a partner of choice, leading the energy transition. The startups will be nurtured in a vivid co-working space for six months at STCB. These startups will eventually graduate from Shell at E4Demo Day. In 2018, the first cohort of five startups-Detect Technologies, IoTrek, ION Energy, Trashcon, and Ossus Bio-renewables began to work on a varied range of solutions, and the startups are successful in integrating IoT and AI in their core products. The startups will continue to collaborate with Shell for the development and growth of the energy sector.  

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