Schneider Electric Adds New Energy Management Devices to its...

Schneider Electric Adds New Energy Management Devices to its Solution Portfolio

Energy CIO Insights | Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Schneider Electric Solar has launched new and smart energy management solutions to its existing suite of offerings.

FREMONT, CA: Schneider Electric Solar has launched InsightHome and InsightFacility, which are the latest and powerful additions to the company’s existing offerings, Insight Energy Management ecosystem. Both the newly released solutions are smart edge devices that connect Schneider Electric solar and storage system at the customer’s end to the Insight app. Among the two solutions, InsightHome focuses on serving residential solar and storage markets all across the world, and InsightFacility is oriented towards serving large residential and commercial solar and storage systems.

Insight solution suite that is offered by Schneider Electric Solar would help the homeowners in making strategic and critical decisions regarding the energy footprint of the customers. The users are basically homeowners who would have their energy production and consumption control right from the mobile or web apps. The company supports automation and intelligence that helps the users unlock the highest level of efficiency.

Schneider Electric Solar is a solar business solutions provider that aims to solve solar energy storage intricacies with its solar power conversion and energy management expertise. The company designs, develops, and also models solutions by collaborating with a network of its solar professionals such as installers and distributors, and engineers and exchanging ideas between them. The company stands as the leader in the realm of solar energy and seeks to deliver products, solutions, and services that drive energy conservation and sustainability efforts of the world. Schneider Electric Solar holds the reputation of providing state of the art and highest quality offerings for customers along with technical support.

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