Role of Cybersecurity Tech in the Energy Industry

Role of Cybersecurity Tech in the Energy Industry

By Energy CIO Insights | Thursday, October 08, 2020

Cybersecurity is increasingly becoming an inevitable aspect of the power landscape.

FREMONT, CA: The energy industry is increasingly getting oriented towards technology along with maintaining a robust focus on the cybersecurity and physical security aspects of the power plant and the energy infrastructure. IT, communication, and embedded technological conceptualizations are increasingly gaining ground in the energy landscape. With this tech development making a lot of noise in the operational ecosystem, the infrastructure might get more and more vulnerable to threats, attacks, and other cybercrimes. The energy professionals are increasingly rethinking and strategizing IT and OT technology paraphernalia. Aiming and envisioning on catering to the rising cybersecurity needs and deficiencies, energy professionals are considering security as an asset in their business and nurturing it with the help of technology.

Realizing that one of the main duties of the power firms in the risk landscape of the industry is to assess the security levels, threats and attacks, vulnerabilities, and technical predictions in a keen manner to prevent and sort out the cybercrimes smartly, the energy professionals involve themselves in analyzing the macroeconomic trends that are impacting cybersecurity. Talking from the perspective of cybersecurity, the energy firms are faced with a shortage of skills increasingly. As cybersecurity demands critical requirements of qualified professionals, there is a wide gap in the cybersecurity workforce in the U.S. There is a report by an international cybersecurity organization supporting this drift.

The energy firms are increasingly looking to cement this skill gap in order to proceed further into the light. And to make this happen, energy firms are dynamically employing the intelligence of AI and robotic process automations along with other concepts if technology that is all booming in the market. In this way, from the assessment of security situations to prediction and prevention of risks in the subject of cybersecurity, power firms are using AI and analytics to even carry out tasks in the security landscape.      

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