Reveal Energy Services Enhances the Cloud-based Evaluation Efficiency

Reveal Energy Services Enhances the Cloud-based Evaluation Efficiency

By Energy CIO Insights | Monday, March 30, 2020

Operators can identify the hydraulic fracturing approach using the DSCVRi engine and generate the greatest ROI.  

FREMONT, CA: With the accelerated expansion of cloud computing and connectivity techniques, multiple organizations have established a wide range of web services and utilized them as essential components of their information systems. Furthermore, the outputs of cloud service have had a significant impact on the fundamental information infrastructure of industrial efficiency. As the increasing demand for could-based technology touches its pinnacle point, the supply to fill the void in the market-place becomes more critical for software developers.

Owing to the elevating interest, Reveal Energy Services, a risk management solution provider for the oil and energy sector, commercialized DSCVRi cloud-based completion evaluation engine. Furthermore, at the Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTeC) at the Colorado Convention Center on July 22-24, the firm initiated its safe internet gateway at booth 1139.

As US companies create their shale oil and gas properties with tighter budgets, their requirement for advanced technology that maximizes delivery efficiency is continuously growing. In relation to the technology of all other Reveal Energy ServiceTop Smart Energy Solution Companiess that enables providers to integrate their hydraulic fracturing outcomes into one internet portal and rapidly recognize activation design patterns, the functional dynamic for higher fiscal discipline is the backdrop for the growth of the DSCVRi engine. Following the extension of functionalities, operators can integrate unique application at low cost.

Reveal Energy Services is providing new technology in this era of fiscal responsibility that provides instant responses on which providers can operate. Technicians can further identify the hydraulic fracturing approach using the DSCVRi motor with increased ROI.

Furthermore, the DSCVRi engine, the company's second innovation marketing in five months and seventh overall in three years, has region-, well-, and stage-level information. With coherent sizes and accounts, the web portal involves the IMAGE Frac pressurized fracture chart and FracEYE frac hit analysis service data, from the Reveal Energy Services, all in a key place. Moreover, the web portal, combined with interactive, standardized control panels, allows users to experiment concepts and reach statistically valid findings through a continuous method of development and training.

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