Reduction in Charging Emissions Caused by Electric Vehicles

Reduction in Charging Emissions Caused by Electric Vehicles

By Energy CIO Insights | Wednesday, April 03, 2019

Igloo, an independent energy supplier, is trying out a new smartphone app to reduce emission caused by charging an electric vehicle. The app is expected to reduce the emission as much as 20 percent. Currently, the app is tested exclusively with Tesla customers; it works by linking a customer’s EV account to the Igloo Energy supply account and then charging the vehicle automatically when the carbon emissions are low. Although the EV is presently available to Tesla customers, in coming months, the app can be used by other electric vehicle owners too.

Different quantities of low carbon generation come on stream so the grid’s carbon intensity can vary throughout the day. National grid forecasts are analyzed to select times when low carbon emissions enter the grid. Users can charge their vehicle by pre-setting the time. The app on the user device will ensure that it is ready by the time the user needs the car. For faster charging the customer can override the setting in the app to get the car ready as soon as possible. There are a number of stopgaps to make sure that the vehicle is ready to drive when required. To encourage users to adopt intelligent charging, the supplier reward customers by coffee vouchers worth £5 for every ten smart charges the user completes. The company aims to reduce energy consumption, and it wants to assist the user in the process. The new app reduces the carbon footprints by requiring minimal effort from the user.

Electricity produced from coal, natural gas, and oil comes with significant and harmful consequences by contributing to the majority of global warming emissions. Toxic chemicals pollute air and water sources which in turn has an adverse effect on humans. The journey is cleaner when the power generation that is supplied to the grid is not from a dirty source like coal and gas.  By recharging the car with a cleaner source of energy, it cuts actual carbon emissions. The grid is supplied energy from various sources, and by using the app from Igloo Energy, users can contribute their part in conserving the environment.  

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