Qi Square Successfully Launches 'Virtual Audits' and 'Virtual...

Qi Square Successfully Launches 'Virtual Audits' and 'Virtual Audits Live'

By Energy CIO Insights | Thursday, July 09, 2020

Audits of built environments are complex processes and to make them simple, Qi Square Pte Ltd launched ‘Virtual Audits’ and ‘Virtual Audits Live’.

FREMONT, CA: Qi Square Pte Ltd, a Singapore based start-up, has successfully introduced promising digital technology for the built environment stakeholders such as ‘Virtual Audits’ and ‘Virtual Audits Live.’ These ‘Digital Twins’ are energy performance assessment tools for buildings that capitalize on digital building footprints and big data.

Qi Square highlights the digital twins as the cornerstone for sustainability in the built environment. The CEO of the company Nilesh Y. Jadhav says, “The Digital Twins will unite stakeholders, facilitate data-driven decision making, and take on a lot of challenges in the built environment.” According to the CEO, the company is well-positioned to take advantage of the positive market trend and create an expandable digital platform for the stakeholders in the built environment.

The virtual energy audits are considered as revolutionary as they decrease the time and cost needed for building audits. The virtual energy audits combine 3D models, energy simulation methodology with its proprietary AI algorithms to identify energy savings potential holistically. The company collaborated with Wattics and launched its next product, Virtual Audits Live, which can provide energy savings insights by analyzing live operational data from buildings. The tool can also provide value-adding tools such as measurement and verification for energy retrofits. In the future, Qi Square wants to provide energy performance assessment as a service through an online digital platform that will be useful for bankers/fund managers, owners/managers, consultants, and tech providers.   

The company’s tech offerings reflect their in-depth research and development. Recently, Qi Square has been recognized by Energy CIO Insights magazine as one of the Top 10 Energy Tech Solution Providers in the Asia Pacific (APAC) 2019.

The company has acquired high-profile customers such as Mercatus, Singtel, and DBS bank since its CEO left his R&D position at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and focused entirely on the company. After that, the company secured its first seed funding worth $250,000 by December 2019. Qi Square also received two grants from Enterprise Singapore to develop its tech offerings. The company also got recognized at the PowerAce pitching competition conducted at Asia Clean Energy Summit in Singapore.

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