ODU Launches ODU-MAC to Deliver Variety of Connection Options for...

ODU Launches ODU-MAC to Deliver Variety of Connection Options for Applications

By Energy CIO Insights | Friday, November 30, 2018

CAMARILLO, CA: ODU, manufacturer of high performance connectors, has introduced ODU-MAC modular connector solutions that can be coupled with several housing options to built the ideal interface for transferring power, signal, pneumatic, fiber optic and data signals all in one easy to mate system.

The new solution is perfect for limited or small space and also ideal for managing different cable connections into a single access point. It supports several connection options, which include signal, high signal, high current, high voltage, coax, multi-conductor shielded, pneumatic (Air & Fluid) and fiber optic.

Available in Lever-Lock and (ODU unique) Spindle-Locking Styles, ODU-Mac’s used modular insulation bodies can be modified to many different enclosure styles. Other features are its rugged aluminum housing; compact/dense structure for the amount of connections included; easy handling for manual operation; four different sizes with space for ten to thirty-four units of modules (up to 340 connection points in a single connector). The ODU-MAC is also available with IP55 or IP65 protection, and with M25 and M32 cable exits.

Likewise, the ODU-MAC has a wide variety of framing options for automated docking solutions, like the ODU DOCK/Heavy Duty Housing that has the circular form factor and can fit up to eight units of modules in the connector. Major attributes are circular face-view and rectangular housing design for easy installation options, plug housing architecture give built-in contact protection and guiding chamfer, two part housing for easy access to insert terminations, available with IP40 and IP65 mated protection.

The ODU-MAC also uses the M50 Exit Housing, which enables larger cable bundles to be fed through, for the high-power connections. Compatible with all of ODU’s standard housing options, the M50 Exit Housing can accommodate up to four 0 AWG (50mm2) cables in a single connector set and allows for cables with larger bend radius to be used.

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