New Solar Power Educational Resource to Assist Utilities

New Solar Power Educational Resource to Assist Utilities

By Energy CIO Insights | Monday, April 08, 2019

The launch of Pathfinder: Solar IQ was recently announced by Distributed Energy Financial Group, LLC and Questline, Inc. DEFG is a consulting firm that has expertise in all factors of customer strategy and experience in the utility sector. Questline is a digital communication agency that works mainly in the energy utility industry. The product offered is an ingenious bundle of research and educational information, focused entirely on solar power, for energy utilities and their consumers. Jamie Wimberley, CEO of DEFG, stated that in the present scenario, consumer and community interest in solar are more significant than before. Customers are still remaining unaware of the challenges and unknowns that should be considered while incorporating solar power into their homes and communities. For customers, energy utilities can play a vital role as a proactive, trusted source of information.

Industry-leading research by DEFG contains four distinct tracks which are customer insights, case studies and best practices, trend analysis and market developments, and regulatory and risk. Customers require confidence while making the right selection for their home and community. Usually, they are clueless about the technological advancements in solar, monthly billing, and benefits. Energy utilities are provided an educational resource to assist consumers in understanding how to make smart, savvy decisions when there are key developments in solar power. The key developments addressed by the educational resources include awareness, discovery, contracting, installation, billing, and maintenance. Furthermore, the resources are considered as an online collection of DEFG research, infographics, checklists, videos, customer-facing articles, FAQs, and tips.

Energy utilities provide an option to select content only, research only or a combination of both. Utilities can share information with their consumers across all channels of communication, including social media, websites, newsletters, email, and bill inserts. To provide feedbacks and energy utility perspective, DEFG and Questline made use of an advisory panel of industry leaders as a part of the product development. Usually, utilities may not have a proper team of internal resources that will produce data to make advancements and energy utilities maybe seen as impervious to solar, but their insights are crucial for the success of the program.

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