Nanotron Announces the Launch of Innovative Edge Analytics Solution...

Nanotron Announces the Launch of Innovative Edge Analytics Solution at Embedded World 2019

By Energy CIO Insights | Thursday, February 14, 2019

Nanotron Technologies GmbH, a Germany based electronic location awareness solutions provider will present its sensor and location data analytics products at the embedded world exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany.  The company specializes in offering on-site edge analytics of sensor and location data. The new analytics product of Nanotron technologies will be filling the gap between raw sensor and location data and business applications by extracting real-time event information automatically.

The new platform from Nanotron provides a 360-degree analytics solution by processing data from a sensor in conjunction with a location radio technology. The company will also launch a new line of location-aware wireless sensors, which can report their location. These sensors can be widely used across many industry verticals such as mining, manufacturing, and healthcare for distributed data acquisition. The sensors are built on smart RF modules utilizing a common API as the Nanotron’s swarm bee product family. With Ready-made anchors and powerful productivity tools, the solution makes it easy to install scalable IoT infrastructure, which enables the customers to smoothly scale up to increase the number of tracked items and the size of the monitored area. It also provides power-efficient measures to enhance the battery life of mobile devices.

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A step-by-step deployment process can simplify the software integration process. Customers can start with automatic collision warning and real-time tracking and gradually shift towards more sophisticated and powerful sensing and location-awareness capabilities.

Nanotron Technologies GmbH offers efficient electronic location awareness solutions. The company provides an augmented position data in real-time by context information. The innovative solutions of Nanotron help to improve safety and increase productivity by offering around the clock analysis of IoT data.

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