Mobile Energy Storage System Solutions for RNRG by NRI

By Energy CIO Insights | Friday, March 31, 2017

FERMONT, CA: The RNRG (Renewable Energy Systems) has chosen NRI (Northern Reliability), to provide a mobile energy storage system that delivers reliable power for the WINDCUBE v2 Lidar, a remote sensing wind measurement device.

The ultraportable WINDCUBE v2 uses pulsed Doppler Lidar technology to provide high quality data on par with an IEC-calibrated met mast. WINDCUBE v2 is manufactured by French Lidar specialist Leosphere. The turnkey mobile SPS 12 unit that will be deployed this summer uses solar panels for power generation and battery charging, with the controlling hardware and software customized by NRI.

RNRG systems is a company which develops measurement products and provides technical services which are purpose-built for the global renewable energy industry. Along with wind resource assessment it also serves multiple stages of wind and solar project development—from site assessment to commercial operation. While, NRI is an energy storage firm with over 175 years of combined experience in the field of energy generation and storage systems. Having designed and built systems for every environment, with experience on every continent, NRI has the ability to customize solutions for any application.

Evan Osler, RNRG Sr. Technical Lead said, “RNRG is very pleased to have found a reliable partner in the energy storage field with as much experience as NRI”. Jon Howell, Director of Business Development, NRI remarked “We are extremely excited to be working with an industry leader right here in Vermont. RNRG has a plethora of solutions for their customers, and it’s great to be able to assist them in completing those deliverables.” With enthusiastic remarks from both the companies the results are highly anticipated.

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