Making Racing Safe for Drivers, But Equally Exciting and Much Tougher

Making Racing Safe for Drivers, But Equally Exciting and Much Tougher

Energy CIO Insights | Monday, August 19, 2019

A new Racer Drone unveiled to satiate to the high-adrenaline, and adventure craving Drone League Racing Fans.

FREMONT, CA: With drone racing catching light since the race sold out in the year 2018, the Drone Racing League (DRL) has been dedicated to updating the quality and maneuverability capabilities of their drones. Especially with the league providing pilots company-manufactured drones, the DRL unveiled the DRL Racer4, a next-generation racing drone. The Racer4 is the league’s fourth version of the high-speed FPV First Person View) drone. The drone can accelerate from 0-90 MPH within a second. The league’s 600 custom-built DRL Racer4 drones will be utilized in the race by the world’s top twelve pilots throughout the 2019 DRL Allianz World Championship Season.

As a token of the contribution, the DRL has released to the consumer drone market a new exclusive FPV drone, the DRL Racer4 Street. Racer4 Street is a street-friendly version of the Racer4. Adrenaline junkies, FPV Pilots, and Luxury-tech aficionados cab back this project to obtain the DRL Racer4 Street and race like pros. But, having only a Racer4 street isn’t enough, the pilot needs to have quick reaction strategies, and steady hands as the sensitivity of these controls are much more than anticipated.  

The company has expressed excitement towards the DRL Racer4 and the street model for users to experience the high thrill and speed of professional drone racing. The DRL Racer4 model will make the 2019 DRL Allianz World Championship Season much more competitive than ever and will give the fans a DRL drone to fly.

The latest professional racing drone, the DRL Racer4, is hand-made in the U.S. by a team of world-class drone engineers. The Racer4 drone features a crisp-edged, carbon-fiber canopy that radiates with 1,000 colorful LED lights which animate designs and patterns. The Racer 4 creates over 16 pounds of thrust via its enhanced power system: 21v 5s 70C Lipo, 2510 1250kv motors and 7x4x3 inch props. With the plug-n-play electronics feature, the new Racer4 drone can be repaired within 15 minutes, enabling pilots to push past the limits of competitive racing.

Elite DRL pilots will man the Racer4 drones in the tracks. These tracks have LED-lit gates along the complex, 3D tracks. The task of accelerating through narrow tunnels, spinning around hairpin-tight turns and diving down buildings at an alarmingly fast rate in world-famous venues and legendary sports arenas will prove the winner.

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