Leading the Competitive Upstream Land Environment

Leading the Competitive Upstream Land Environment

By Energy CIO Insights | Friday, January 18, 2019

Though it took time for the oil and gas industry to buck up, it has gradually increased to leveraging technology innovations. The oil and gas industry is thriving to adapt various sorts of digital advancements like artificial intelligence and machine learning. The usage of digital advancements helps the customers to have a cost-effective process with high efficiency. Day to day, the industry continues to mature, and many companies have started depending on the advances.

Many companies have involved in providing software in order to sustain oil and gas resources. P2 Energy Solutions is the company that provides the customers with upstream oil and gas software. The software includes geospatial data, accounting, land management, and reserve management abilities. Upstream professionals wish to have rapid decisions to keep their marketplace effectively and positively. Without the software, the professionals find it challenging to achieve resolutions in the production and operation works. In order to have quick, effective decisions, P2 Energy Solutions is the option that provides customers with great results in a challenging environment.

P2 Tobin announced the launch of P2 Lease Obligation Intelligence powered by ThoughtTrace. The main purpose of the lease is to expand the access of upstream professionals to have excess lease attributes, obligation, provisions, and clauses.  With the help of this announcement, any upstream energy company can have the advantage of artificial intelligence-driven capabilities. It helps the customers to manage detailed obligations of oil and gas leases.

Carl Garrison, the vice president of Tobin Data Solutions, says, “With the addition of Lease Obligation Intelligence, P2 adds lease provisions, attributes, and full lease document access previously not available with our standard Fee Lease offering. Future releases will expand coverage to every major basin.”

With innovative techniques, P2 focuses on arming customers with the perfect tool. The company engages with the fit-for-purpose establishment with their customers. The customers can efficiently organize, and the time spends for operations have significantly reduced. P2 Energy Solutions has provided smooth land management that handles today’s competitive energy marketplace.

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