Latest Wind Turbines Driving Wind-Power Generation in Finland

Latest Wind Turbines Driving Wind-Power Generation in Finland

By Energy CIO Insights | Monday, August 13, 2018

After a series of studies, the VTT Research Center of Technology explored the proclivity and economic benefits of using latest wind turbines powered by new wind power technology. VTT concluded that the new features of latest wind turbines would bring a surge in the production of wind energy and enable competitive use of wind power, especially in Finland.

The institute researched about Finland’s wind power potential and found out that ground based turbines being built on open locations do not generate the required power when wind supply is less. To help mitigate the challenges associated with traditional wind turbines, new turbines have been significantly amended in terms of physical infrastructure. The inclusion of high towers and larger rotors has armed latest wind turbines to generate substantial power.

Despite the installment costs of these next generation wind turbines being more than that of traditional turbines, the fact that these power generators can produce 86 TWh, has drawn the attention of several companies. VTT also pointed out that land use restrictions won’t poise much threat to the installation of these latest turbines, provided they would enhance power generation in more locations than before.

Erkka Rinne, a research scientist of VTT mentioned that despite the effect of technology and land use restrictions on available wind power potential, (i.e. annual energy production), sufficient wind power is available in Finland. She stated that the key factor is to decide up to what level the potential of wind turbines is realized. The thing to look out for practically is that wind power will cover parts of electricity consumption and large-scale use of wind power will require solution providers to design and deploy new innovations throughout the electric power system from their research and development.

Considering the merits of harnessing wind energy from these highly efficient wind power systems, VTT has set its roadmap to the course of numerous developments in this regard. The company is in the pursuit of developing state-of-the-art technologies that would help extract wind energy most conveniently and efficiently. 

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