Latest IoT Conceptualizations Out to Change the Legacy Systems used...

Latest IoT Conceptualizations Out to Change the Legacy Systems used by the Utility Industry

Energy CIO Insights | Friday, April 26, 2019

LATEST IOT CONCEPTUALIZATIONS OUT TO CHANGE THE LEGACY SYSTEMS USED BY THE UTILITY INDUSTRYNot leaving any industry untouched, the Internet of Things (IoT) has dramatically influenced the performance of businesses. IoT gives technologists, numerous opportunities to explore the potential prospect of business concepts. Known for applying the science of connectivity, IoT offers a unique and sophisticated software ecosystem, which enables the utility enterprises to collaborate with the clients and customers using advanced data sharing platforms. The technology also provides other operational benefits by connecting the critical components to form an intuitive business network to support features such as asset tracking, data management, process optimization, automation and more. Check out some of the latest IoT capabilities, which are tailored, for the utility industry. 

•  Maximizing Efficiency

Utility sectors are significantly benefited, with highly reliable process automation strategies, which are driven by IoT. These robust business optimization tactics help companies achieve better efficiency in terms of time and cost. Accurate energy consumption statistics and connected network performance add to the smart methodologies which can elevate the industrial work standards.

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•  Making ways for new business ideas

IoT-based applications help the utility industry to expand its business paradigm. Smart Integrators (SI) is one such development which connects the utilities with the retailers, end-users, and other business actors. Energy Service Utilities (ESU) is a new business model of the utility company, which has brought new business opportunities to the utility industry.    

•  Meeting customer expectations

Customers ask for more than what the utility providers have to offer. High user expectations drive the industry towards adopting attractive and intuitive solution patterns such as real-time energy-use statistics, dynamic payment gateways and the like. IoT helps the utility sector in delivering advanced and sustainable services, which meet customer expectations.   

IoT innovations ensure security, efficiency, flexibility, reliability, and scalability. With continuous evolution and revolution, this technology broadens its spectrum of services to serve the utility industry.   

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