Latest Battery Innovations Transforming the Energy Landscape

Latest Battery Innovations Transforming the Energy Landscape

By Energy CIO Insights | Friday, August 02, 2019

Technology has given some valuable opportunities to develop innovative battery solutions that are inexpensive and viable.

FREMONT, CA: The emergence of highly innovative battery technologies and their commercialization is now imminent. Extensive research and testing have resulted in the development of batteries with desirable properties. These days, the need for storage solutions is increasing due to the rapid adoption of non-conventional energy sources like solar and wind. Highly favored electric vehicles also require high-performance batteries. All of this has led to the focus on developing batteries whose capabilities go beyond the commonly used existing batteries. The following battery technologies are finding their way into enterprises and homes.

• Proton Batteries.

The feasibility of proton exchange membrane fuel cell has been less due to factors like high costs and challenges in transportation and storage of hydrogen gas. However, in a recent development, researchers have been able to design the battery in an innovative way using activated carbon for the electrode. These electrodes are cheap and also allow hydrogen storage as well. The battery allows a voltage of 1.8 V. The commercialization of proton batteries will take some years, but it can reduce dependence on Lithium-ion batteries.

• Silicon Batteries

The use of silicon anodes as a replacement for graphite anodes in lithium-ion batteries can be an improvement, but there are shortcomings like slow diffusion rate and volumetric fluctuations during the process of lithiation. To overcome these, researchers have now come up with strategies involving nanotechnology and carbon coating. Both these enhance properties and electrochemical performance. The technology has managed to generate a lot of commercial interest.

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• Graphite Dual-ion Batteries

Large scale stationary electricity storage can benefit a lot from dual-ion batteries. By improving properties like the density of electrolyte and charge storage in electrodes, dual-ion batteries can become a leading contender. In a particular case, Lithium-free graphite battery with graphite as cathode and potassium as the anode gave energy efficiency as good as Lithium-ion batteries. With aluminum salt electrolyte, researchers have developed inexpensive and high performance graphite-graphite dual –ion-batteries as well.

• Nickel-Zinc Batteries

Although nickel-zinc batteries have numerous desirable properties and make for a great energy storage solution, the only spot of bother is the low lifespan. This limitation can be minimized through a newly developed in-situ cutting technology by which the problem of dissolution has been addressed.

With all of these innovative battery technologies, the world can expect a lot of development and diversity in the coming years. 

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