IoT: Fostering the Use of Green Energy

IoT: Fostering the Use of Green Energy

By Energy CIO Insights | Friday, July 26, 2019

Non-renewable forms of energy are swiftly getting replaced by renewable forms with the help of IoT.

FREMONT, CA: The energy sector has undergone massive transformations in the last two decades. Non-renewable forms of energy are swiftly getting replaced by renewable forms. Technologies like the internet of things (IoT) are playing a crucial role to carry out these transformations.

Data science and sensor-based technology are fostering the automation and efficiency of solar fields and wind farms. Connected buildings are cutting down millions on electricity and are gearing up for green energy alternatives. Organizations are increasingly adopting IoT energy management solutions to reduce their carbon emissions and to offset their expenses.

Here are some of the ways in which IoT potential in the energy sector can be utilized:

Automation and Control

IoT helps to connect various elements of production and consumption while providing visibility into the processes. In the case of solar fields, traditional oil and gas deposits, and geothermal plants, IoT has a massive potential to optimize the processes. IoT based sensors are especially useful for wind turbines that are placed in wild conditions such as faraway fields and open seas. They can provide analytics based on data related to weather conditions and environment. The sensors can also automate the wind farms and reduce the operations costs dramatically.


Conventional power supplies are costly and sometimes unreliable. Thus companies and even private settlements are leveraging sources of energy such as green energy to meet their needs. IoT energy and infrastructure solutions can boost the efforts by connecting various devices allowing better channelization of energy. For instance, solar panels, light and heat tracker, rainwater harvesters, smart window, and roof systems can be connected to manage an office property. The connected devices can be accessed via desktop or mobile devices, thereby enhancing the control feature.


Companies are already saving a million dollars by simply cutting down their electricity usage. IoT energy-saving tools are helping them to decrease the figures on their bills drastically. Though the firms had to invest in to create a smart system, their efforts have paid off.

Therefore, various organizations are spending on IoT technology to incorporate power consumption monitoring and control tools and applications into their systems.

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