Intersil's New Cell Battery Pack Monitor Offers Environmental...

Intersil's New Cell Battery Pack Monitor Offers Environmental Friendly Multi-Cell Li-ion Battery Replacements

By Energy CIO Insights | Thursday, February 25, 2016

MILPITAS, CA: Intersil Corporation, a provider of innovative power management and precision analog solutions releases ISL94203 3-to-8 cell battery pack monitor. The device supports lithium-ion (Li-ion) and other battery chemistries which are mainly used in medical mobility carts, wheelchairs, e-bikes, handheld power tools, vacuum cleaners and solar or renewable energy storage systems.

By efficiently monitoring, protecting and cell balancing rechargeable battery packs, ISL94203 3-to-8 cell battery pack monitor maximizes battery life and ensures safe charging and system operation. As an eco-friendly innovation, the device functions as a stand-alone battery management system for rechargeable Li-ion battery packs. With five pre-programmed stages in the internal system it can precisely control each cell of a battery pack to extend operating life. It also allows customers to securely ground reference the battery pack to their designs with the help of integrated high-side charge/discharge Field Effect Transistor (FET) drive circuitry.

"Intersil's highly integrated battery pack monitor makes it easy to design Li-ion rechargeable battery management systems. Our customers value the feature-rich ISL94203's ability to extend battery life, and deliver cell balancing accuracy and fast response to rapidly changing loads," says Philip Chesley, senior vice president of Precision Products at Intersil.

High level integrations such as cell voltage level shift, automatic cell balance, 14-bit ADC, current sense monitor, power FET control, temperature sensor interface has been featured in the device. Other specifications includes eight cell voltage monitors support Li-ion CoO2, Li-ion Mn2O4, Li-ion phosphate and other battery chemistries; operates as a standalone solution or with a microcontroller; integrated charge pump controls cutoff FETs used to charge/discharge battery pack; multiple cell voltage protection options up to 4.8V; programmable detection/recovery times for over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current and short circuit conditions; open wire detection; EEPROM storage for device configuration and activated power saving algorithm when battery pack is not in use.

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