Innovative Technology Use Cases Powering Electricity Generation

Innovative Technology Use Cases Powering Electricity Generation

By Energy CIO Insights | Friday, August 02, 2019

The challenges in providing energy services have become a hot button topic and have lead to the emergence of various alternative energy sources.

FREMONT, CA: The rising populace, coupled with environmental challenges, is increasingly pressurizing energy resources. The increasing demand and the need to curb emissions has significantly changed how the current generation fuel the power generation. Below are some prominent and emerging energy sources.

• Microbial Fuel Cells

Bacteria breathe oxidation combined with oxygen at a chemical level releases electrons. The cathode and anode accelerate the flow of the electrons, which can be leveraged to harness the power. These microbial fuel cells are primarily used to generate electricity from wastewater. It is said that bacteria in microbial fuel reactions generate currents seventy times more potent than in conventional setups.

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• Betavoltaics

Nuclear materials in its decaying process emit radioactive particles, and this can be put into good.  Betavoltaics devices use the waste particles produced by radioactive materials to capture electrons and generate electricity. The output from these devices are comparatively low, but because if the consistent production of nuclear decay, they can be long-lasting. They may be made to ideal power sources by mounting devices such as sensors on them.

• Tidal and Solar Power

Tidal power generation is not new, but high costs and limited availability restrain its growth and development. But the scenario is changing and tidal power stations are being established, which has high power capacity and will be able to harness the potential of the technology further in the future. Besides, solar power may be the most promising developments. A new development in this area is photovoltaic glass that absorbs energy from nonvisible wavelengths.

The world is witnessing significant challenges in providing energy services for future generations of the modern world.  The innovative energy sources stated above can contribute to tackling the problems.

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