Improved EV Fleet Implementation by Industry Leaders

Improved EV Fleet Implementation by Industry Leaders

By Energy CIO Insights | Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Ron Silorio, CTO

Leading the way toward reliable and cost-effective electric vehicle charging with its technology called Electronic vehicle master controller (EVMC), Cyber Switching Solutions has established itself as a leader in the power management landscape with its emergence in the industry 25 years ago.

Cyber Switching is one of the earliest founded power management and control companies; what makes the company unique is, “Cyber Switching doesn’t come with only dash-board; it comes with a person, a relationship” mentions Ron Silorio, the CTO of Cyber Switching.

The company’s technology brings outstanding savings to the installation costs and monthly utility bills. These are designed to work with myriads of charging stations. EVMC allows cost-effective deployment of EV charging stations in all environmental conditions. EVMC provides more efficient ways of charging multiple vehicles which results in the reduction of electrical usage and 50 percent cost savings in the installation. Currently, government incentives are given in the form of rebates, exemptions, and tax credits for those installing EV charging systems. EVMC not only offers innovative power management approach but also brings manageability and scalability at its core. With the desire of adopting electric vehicles into fleets, corporations, municipalities, and government agencies are experiencing global push in increasing their EV fleet numbers and slashing the emissions in a meaningful manner. At present, policymakers are collaborating to develop EV infrastructure and build the electrified roadmap.

"Cyber Switching doesn’t come with only dash-board; it comes with a person, a relationship"

Many states across the country are encouraging the developers and other business organizations to implement EV charging infrastructures in their projects. In California, reimbursement is offered up to $3000 per level 2 charger and $25,000 per DC fast charger. Applicants can apply up to $600,000 depending on the number and size of the charging stations that are requested. Due to the revolutionary technology introduced by Cyber Switching Solutions, the move toward complete electric fleet got easier. Fleet owners can easily add the EVMC into their new infrastructure at the stations. 

Cyber Switching Solutions is now collaborating with SMUD (Sacramento Municipal Utility District) on its ongoing EV fleet implementation. SMUD is a leader in electric vehicle research for about 30 years now. SMUD has decided to try the EVMC based on understanding the impact EV adoption will have on the grid and is focusing on the current electric distribution infrastructure. SMUD supports EV adoption that helps in improving the air quality in the Sacramento region. 

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