How to Address the Digital Skill Gap?

How to Address the Digital Skill Gap?

Laura Davis, Energy CIO Insights | Friday, October 30, 2020

The energy industry is now going fully digital and facing a serious need to cope up.   

FREMONT, CA: The oil energy industry is increasingly walking towards modernization, digitalization, and novelization. With the realm of energy moving beyond the regular levels of expectation in the modern market, technology is becoming the only and new air for the sectors such as oil to survive and sustain the standard of service and business. As the legacy and conventional operational procedures change with technology taking the front seats, the way the operations are carried out would also be changing rapidly according to the trends in practices.

This clearly shows that there is a wide gap in the skills of today and those needed for tomorrow. Thus, the oil sector is continuously trying to bridge this gap. The conventions of the oil field is no more in the practical scenario of the energy landscape. This is because the oil companies have gone fully digital, and the oil industry is increasingly looking to prick the bubble of legacy with the needle of innovation and upgradation. Well, this is where addressing the digital skill gap is gaining the maximum amount of importance. That’s not all, most of the most and high performing oil firms are today looking to map their practices and strategies to results that are expected. In order to achieve this, the energy industry is prioritizing rethinking the staff caliber and ways to help the personnel stay updated and mod.

The energy industry must essentially balance the technological skills that the digital oil field professionals must develop with that of the adaptive skills. Along with critical introspection of the skills needed to carry out the operations that are now demand intelligence, examining the existing skillset of the workers stands as a highly important tactic in rationalizing the effects of digitalization in the oil sector. Upgrading the skills seems to be the final step towards excellence.     

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