How Testing Software is Maximizing Grid Reliability

How Testing Software is Maximizing Grid Reliability

By Energy CIO Insights | Wednesday, July 22, 2020

The power industry needs tools to help professionals do their work and respond to their specific needs in a changing environment. 

FERMONT, CA: New test features and increased automation are included in the latest protection testing software providing protection testing professionals with an enhanced toolset. This software streamlines the technological and operational sections of testing professionals work. Protection Suite v5 represents feedback received from direct users through support networks and the global annual protection conferences of Doble. The v5 improves advanced testing with Doble's F6150 power system simulators, guiding users through the work process phase. 

Expanded dynamic testing improved user performance, enhanced IEC 61850 testing, and new data management options are key features of Protection Suite v5. Protection suite v5 is expanding its dynamic testing as multi-phase test module whichTop Smart Grid Solution Companies forms interactive, settings-formed visual protection characteristics. New features provide testers with graphical displays of expected versus actual relay operation details during commissioning and routine maintenance to check protective frameworks and scheme logic.

New test modules and upgraded templates of settings work together with new importers of settings. Support is given for popular relay models and various file formats, increasing user efficiency. Central control and monitoring of test records are now available via interfaces to the database management system of the PowerBase® network. Companies gain skills by standardizing their data and office-to-field processes into automated workflows that maintain informed readiness to make decisions and comply. 

Doble Engineering Company is a leader in the business, working with customers in the electrical power industry to mitigate risk, develop operations, and maximize system performance. The Doble Engineering Company team ensures that reliable and secure energy is available to all people. The company does this by being the leading international supplier for the energy industry with advanced diagnostics and engineering expertise. Protection Suite v5, the new platform provides many-programs-in-one for comprehensive automated testing of components and schemes of protection systems. 

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