How Solar Cells are Boosting Solar Energy Adoption

How Solar Cells are Boosting Solar Energy Adoption

Energy CIO Insights | Friday, November 15, 2019

Recent advancements in solar cell and photovoltaic module technologies have resulted in solar power becoming a choice for cost-effective aerospace fuel.

FERMONT, CA: The cost of solar technology has reduced, opening up opportunities to develop the next generation of cells to boost the use and efficiency of solar energy. Many organizations and businesses are working to advance solar technology with small silicon-based solar cells that can be connected to form various shapes. They are lightweight, flexible, resilient, and extremely reliable, overcoming today's rigid solar cells' low-voltage limitations. DragonSCALEs, developed by mPower, is one such innovative solar cell. DragonSCALEs are made of highly efficient silicon cells that are individually interconnected and meshed into any shape or form. 

DragonSCALEs overcomes today's rigid solar cells' low-voltage limitations. DragonSCALE's advantages enable a wide range of possibilities for solar power development for multiple markets. DragonSCALEs is an ideal solution for the aerospace industry, offering mitigated weight and volume of storage, improved radiation recovery, and lower costs when compared to existing solutions based on Gallium Arsenide (III-V). The funding received by mPower is a direct reflection of

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 this technology's promise, where investors will have the potential to implement the business plan of the company in the future.

The technology of mPower is well-positioned as the solar solution of choice for aerospace applications, in particular, the large emerging satellite constellation market. The technology of the company leverages affordable materials, processes, and equipment from silicon PV and microelectronics. It provides completely new design options for solar energy, eliminating the limitations of existing solar solutions, allowing for highly flexible, durable, lightweight models that can be rapidly implemented at low cost. DragonSCALEs is on its way to becoming the leading technology for solar power in the aerospace industry.

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