How Semiconductors Revolutionize the Solar Industry

How Semiconductors Revolutionize the Solar Industry

By Energy CIO Insights | Monday, September 14, 2020

Semiconductor technology is amalgamating with solar technology to revolutionize the potential of renewable energy.

FREMONT, CA: The solar energy industry is gaining the maximum level of traction in the energy landscape. Due to highly lucrative features such as inexpensiveness, efficiency, sustainability, abundance, renewability and more, solar is considered as one of the most reliable and profitable means of energy for both commercial and domestic use. In the wake of almost all the enterprises of every industry, making their move towards green and clean initiatives in order to achieve the highest level of environmental sustainability, the solar energy technology has become a superhero.

Top 10 Renewable Energy Solution Companies - 2019Today, the news is about solar technology and semiconductor technology, joining hands with each other. Research to prove that the semiconductors can help in unleashing the potential of solar energy to the fullest is on, and the world has a hoard of researchers and technologists who are trying to make this happen. Well, as a result, the energy technologists have brought to us the new halide perovskites. Although these highly potent and game-changing semiconductors are still in the laboratory trial stage, researchers believe that they can cause revelations in the solar energy technology landscape.

Halide perovskites are semiconductors that conduct elements of current in the form of charges when they are stimulated with rays of sunlight. The technology behind the halide perovskites turning into solar energy producers is interesting. These semiconductors are deposited on a glass or a plastic substance. This is done to make the semiconductor materials extremely thin as a hundredth of the width of a human hair. These thin films are sandwiched between electrodes. Now, the setup becomes an apparatus that can generate solar energy.

Perovskites films prove exceptionally high efficiency. These semiconductors which drive solar technology are becoming the most preferred means to harness the potential of solar technology to the fullest. All in all, with the essence of solar technology, is only getting more and more doubled with the goodness of semiconductor technology.

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