How Renewable Energy Sources Help Generate More Power

How Renewable Energy Sources Help Generate More Power

Energy CIO Insights | Thursday, November 26, 2020

Alternative energy sources can be utilized to generate more power to meet the demand of the increasing population.

FREMONT, CA: Fossil fuel has been the primary energy source to humankind since the last century. Fossil fuels are cheap and have high energy efficiency; hence they are widely used as a source of energy in the transportation and manufacturing sectors. An increase in manufacturing output due to economic development is expected to boost energy demand in the years to come. Thus, it is not possible to rely on finite non-renewable energy sources solely. Besides, non-renewable sources such as coal and crude oil lead to a high degree of pollution, and environmental damage, a significant concern in both developed and developing countries as global warming is on the rise.

Top 10 Renewable Energy Solution Companies - 2019Solar, hydro, and wind are the forerunners of the alternate source of energy globally. In terms of power generated by alternative sources, hydropower was the largest in 2019, followed by wind and solar. Most of the countries are trying to reduce carbon dioxide emissions to control global warming. This is expected to increase the production of energy from alternate sources in the next five years.

Future Alternative Energy Opportunities

The increasing adoption of alternative energy relies on efficient renewable technologies and reorganizing of the electric utility industry. It is possible to achieve clean energy at the domestic level with renewable technologies like heat pumps, biomass boilers, and solar panels.

Land Use and Increasing Population

It may not be wise to use large-scale solar farms because if the growing population as these farms require a massive amount of land. Therefore, it is necessary to decrease the land footprint or increase the designing of efficient technologies such as wind energy converters.

The most significant alternative energy source is wind energy, although the offshore wind is still underdeveloped because maintaining it can be expensive due to deep waters. It will become easy to generate power from the deep waters and oceans due to more advanced technologies in the future. Therefore, it will also become easy to meet the increasing population's energy demand with the alternative energy source.

Storage of Green Energy

As an alternative energy source, efficient battery storage can also be adopted. The solar photovoltaic relies on direct sun exposure, but due to lack of in-built solar storage batteries, such massive amounts of energy go unused.

Hydrogen can also boost the energy source as it can be supplied to the natural gas grid or utilized by the fuel cells to be converted to electricity. When companies can come up with a less expensive solution, hydrogen might be used in the transportation sector.

Therefore, by developing a supply and storage infrastructure, hydrogen can be used more efficiently. Underground storage systems can be created where additional alternative energy sources like wind energy can be changed into hydrogen through electrolysis.

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