How Oil Fields are Being Digitalized?

How Oil Fields are Being Digitalized?

Laura Davis, Energy CIO Insights | Wednesday, February 10, 2021

With the efficacy of connected and intelligent IT and hardware, digital oil fields are becoming increasingly normal.

FREMONT, CA: The energy industry is increasingly being vitalized and revitalized by the impact that technology has been casting on it. The pandemic of the novel COVID virus has caused the entire business side of the world to work from home. Following a similar trend, the energy industry is also encouraging remote operations. The operational setting of an oil field is now digitalized, and the connected ecosystem is driving the operational excellence of the realm of oil. In order to seamlessly transform the physical oil field into an intelligent and digitalized one, the technology experts and engineers in the landscape of oil are providing the oil firms with exceptional instantaneous and realistic monitoring and remote operation IT services and solutions.

Top 10 Digital Oil Field Consulting/Services Companies - 2019The digital operational model of an oil field is fed with algorithms that are based on the technology of artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze and even forecast the status of the equipment and its operational behavior. To further sophisticate the setting, the oil field owners are looking to pair the digital setting with technologies such as the cloud and more. The most predominantly used technique in the sphere of IT of the oil field would be the storage and retrieval of data in the cloud. Most of the modern operators and managers in the digital oil field are looking to secure data in the cloud well by boosting the cloud data management features.

Further, the digital oil fields and their managers are looking to adopt the functionality of performance assessment solutions and also performance indicators. These testing facilities and monitoring units would help the digital oil field workers keep track of the operations and maintain the demand and supply equilibrium. In the post-pandemic world, data analytics and other technologies are also improving the efficiency of the oil field. The world is ushering into the new realm of energy operations.    

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