How is IoT Powering Wind Turbines?

How is IoT Powering Wind Turbines?

Energy CIO Insights | Friday, December 27, 2019

IoT’s capability is contributing to the distributed network of wind turbines along with an enhanced measure of transparency.

FREMONT, CA: Demand for renewable energy is on the rise. The internet of things (IoT) is also experiencing a similar trend. When it comes to wind energy, IoT offers a critical technological advantage. The ability of IoT-equipped devices to seamlessly integrate various data and conduct operations makes it an impressive technology for operations involved in the generation of wind energy.

Wind farms consisting of several wind turbines are often depicted to be calm and tranquil places working efficiently. However, it’s a challenge to integrate the turbines in a way that they all work together. IoT can address the above challenge by strengthening the information and communication aspects of the turbines. Thus, IoT devices can be deployed to observe and regulate the operations of remote wind farms.

Affixing IoT sensors to the wind turbines can enable energy companies to monitor the various aspects of the energy production phase. Conventionally, it took days in case a turbine located at a remote location got dysfunctional. However, IoT capability enables the energy firms to identify the faulty equipment immediately. As a result, IoT technology has led to a significant reduction in the time required for resolving an issue. Data generated through IoT devices are also enabling the companies to be ready with proactive maintenance measures.

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Conventionally, it was difficult to maintain a distributed channel of wind turbines. There were obvious management challenges that restricted the deployment of turbines to accessible regions. However, IoT devices are aiding the cause of distributed energy networks. For instance, businesses can now generate their own electricity by building small wind turbines on their properties. Such a distributed channel of wind turbines depicts a paradigm shift from conventional practice.

 IoT technology is enabling firms to integrate and manage their vast network of wind turbines. Increased adoption of IoT devices is expected to further empower the productivity of renewable energy sources such as wind.

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