How DAM Brings Revolution in M&E Industry?

How DAM Brings Revolution in M&E Industry?

By Energy CIO Insights | Friday, November 15, 2019

The adoption of digital asset management solutions enables media production and distribution firms to transform business operations and gain revenue

FREMONT, CA: Today, the media and entertainment industry is majorly reliant on emerging digital assets. The rapid growth in audio, images, video, and media files are already the result of using an innovative asset management solution. The media and entertainment sector thrive with smart solution connected with their content management system (CSM), allowing to save, edit, and recover any digital asset. Digital asset management (DAM) addresses the challenges linked with a different media organization. The presence of such a solution allows the content distributors to upload or release content more strategically. The following are the advantages of adopting a DAM solution.


An advanced digital management solution enables various departments of an organization to access the updated version of the media assets in real-time. This arrangement for accessing updated data can eliminate any discrepancy between the two versions of a file, even if it is accessed at the same time.

Enhanced Security and Encryption

The high-tech security system of the DAM helps the firms to limit access to a particular user group such as photographers, editors, administrators, and others.

Advanced Search Benefits

DAM’s simple storage solution help users to accessing files using necessary details such as name and date. A DAM solution provides numerous options like associated 

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keywords, collections, categories and subcategories, and various other parameters.


A DAM software can efficiently track and access digital files, and also store embedded and enriched information with individual data. Advanced digital management solutions can manage metadata, including copyright, keywords, origin, and technical specifications.

As a DAM system can offer many advantages to the media and entertainment firms, the growing number and complexity of various media files can lead to the adoption of DAM solutions by media firms.

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