How Can Clean Energy Help with Covid-19 Recovery?

How Can Clean Energy Help with Covid-19 Recovery?

By Energy CIO Insights | Tuesday, June 02, 2020

With the Covid-19 pandemic affecting the world’s poorest regions profoundly, it is hitting the vulnerable the hardest by leading to a health and economic crisis and the existing poverty and climate crisis. Hence clean energy can help countries to prepare and recover from this crisis.

Fremont, CA: The worldwide pandemic is pressurizing the fragile communities, and it calls for a collaborative and comprehensive response. Clean energy possesses the ability to provide affordable solutions that are at par to cope with climate change targets and can help mitigate the effects of the crisis on livelihoods and local economies. In this battle against Covid-19, energy for households and health centers is crucial; still, 840 million people don’t have electricity. Therefore reliable power supply can ensure that the core systems for the management of health programs can function effectively. Places where the electricity grid is unreliable, clean energy technology acts as a boon providing solutions that can be deployed rapidly. With the support of reliable energy, health centers can function round the clock, instead of relying on candles or phone flashlights.

Other benefits of clean energy

Top 10 Energy Management Solution Companies - 2019Lean energy can address some of the health risks, which makes people more vulnerable to respiratory diseases like the existing Covid-19. With almost half of the world depending on polluting fuels and inefficient stoves for cooking promoting the use of clean fuels and energy-efficient stoves can save billions of people from being exposed to harmful fumes at home every day. Access to energy also promotes social distancing policies that are viable by fueling the technologies and devices that help people stay connected to each other.

Importance of investing n clean energy

In the aftermath of this pandemic, clean energy can boost economic recovery, as renewable energies are an engine for job creation. Clean energy boosts local economies; the decentralized, off-grid energy systems have the potential to enable small businesses to thrive and offer the potential for sources for additional income. Clean energy is highly available, affordable, and reliable, yet in various developing countries and economies, the potential for large scale renewable energy projects remain untapped. Additionally, the investments in this area are much lower than those required to deliver clean energy’s full development and climate benefits.

As the nations prepare for the Covid-19 aftermath, clean energy technologies will provide tremendous opportunities to reform fossil fuel subsidies and re-assess options the countries have to sustain and recover.

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