How Can a Power Plant Be Operated Remotely?

How Can a Power Plant Be Operated Remotely?

By Energy CIO Insights | Friday, September 11, 2020

The energy firms can now generate power from home.

FREMONT, CA: The severity of the pandemic that has been caused by the outbreak of the novel COVID virus has made the world operate from home. The regulatory framework has undergone a complete change. In the wake of the new laws such as social distancing and lockdowns, the remote working approach is acting as the new air for the world, its economy, and development to breathe.  Well, in this scenario, the energy industry is looking to operate the power plant right from home and keep the light of production and revenue glowing.

Mixed reality is not a new technology to the world. This technology is gaining a lot of prominences now during the pandemic when the world is shut under the laws of lockdown. The apparatus that is used by the technology of mixed reality consists of a large number of smart sensors and a dynamic headset as well. The algorithms that run on mixed reality has the capability to capture all the essential information from the reality, which in the case of the energy industry, would be the power plants. With the help of the sensor that is all fit in the power plant, the information would be collected in real-time this reality of the power plant would then be mixed with the technology of holography. The blend of the actual power plant and the holographic images would be augmented together for the power plant operators and managers to keep track of the plant operation and interact or perform actions from a remote location.

In addition to this, the technology of mixed reality also helps the energy professionals and plant managers to train the power plant operators without having to meet them by visiting the power plant or the energy firm physically. With the same dynamic and intuitive algorithm, the power plant managers can also perform all the maintenance operations and processes of the power plant right from home. Mixed reality is acting as a game-changer in the realm of remote power generation.

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