How Battery Technology Helps with Modern Energy Storage?

How Battery Technology Helps with Modern Energy Storage?

Energy CIO Insights | Friday, August 14, 2020

Advancement in battery technology is becoming the new air for the energy industry.  

FREMONT, CA: Amid all the adverse consequences that the pandemic due to the novel COVID virus has raised, there is positive and constructive development happening in the business of the world as well. With the increased economic, commodity and employment crisis all around the world, the demand for cost efficiency is rising at a drastic pace. This would, in turn, open the door for the excellence and success of renewable energy. The renewable energy market is witnessing steep growth lately, and almost every industry that depends on power is looking for the application and benefits of renewable energy.

Top 10 Energy Storage Solution Companies in APAC - 2020The sun, wind, water, and tides, among other natural resources being the unlimited sources of energy, the lowest level of cost of generating and gaining power from these renewable sources of energy is alluring the modern enterprises greatly. On a sunny day, the probability of generating solar power in abundance quantities is to the highest level. Well, what is after the power generation needs to be stressed on. Well, this is exactly where battery technology comes into the picture.

In the present market of energy storage, one of the main challenges that is faced by the energy companies is the high costs involved in storing the produced power. How to battle against the peak prices of storage? In the wake of the rising needs for economical energy storage methods, the advances in battery technology is immensely gaining traction among the firms from the arena of energy. One of the most common technologies that are driving the battery storage is flow batteries. As battery technology can make the most out the world’s walk towards cost efficiency.

Both short and long term battery storage is widely and prominently depended upon by the energy companies of today. Flow batteries have the capability of charging up with the help of features that enable high tech rechargeable means. Flow batteries are today, becoming that technology which most preferred by the energy industry as a whole.

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