How Augmented Reality is Powering Energy Sector

How Augmented Reality is Powering Energy Sector

By Energy CIO Insights | Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Energy ManagementAugmented reality’s applications make it ideal for addressing some of the current challenges in the energy industry.  The use of augmented reality (AR) in the energy sector significantly speeds up work, facilitates knowledge transfer, and reduces costs. AR may aid utilities in improving business processes including helping to restore power faster, while it can also help them manage the aging workforce, and assist in knowledge management.

One of the significant opportunities for AR is in employee training. 2D diagrams of complex components can be enriched with 3D models with which employees can gain a better understanding of the element. This provision facilitates in-depth training and faster information retention. Employees proficiency can be empowered in a shorter period than conventional training methods take.

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Equipment maintenance is another excellent opportunity offered by AR, where the technicians in the field can have immediate access to expert knowledge. They can have access to complete documentation for all the operation's equipment on their device. Internal components of a portion of equipment can be viewed and explored. This facility makes system repairs and upgrades faster than ever before.

Not only does AR facilitates better employee training, but it allows enhanced virtualization of underground assets and complex components, reducing accidents thereby improving operational safety. Protective equipment and safety protocols can be illustrated in real time in the field through AR technology. The technology is significantly impactful when it comes to developing gas fields through the visualization of underground infrastructure and networks. AR also allows for the detection of potential leakages and reduction of accidents.

AR is a complementary solution to the challenges of the energy sector. AR systems are flexible to operate with mobile devices, drones, sensors and systems, communication capabilities, and remote pilots.

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