How Artificial Intelligence Technology Revolutionalizes Solar...

How Artificial Intelligence Technology Revolutionalizes Solar Analytics

Energy CIO Insights | Friday, May 21, 2021

Solar energy companies have significantly benefited from the power of AI, machine learning predictive models, and data science over the past few years.

FREMONT, CA: Climate change and rapidly depleting nonrenewable power sources are a driving force behind sustainable energy research and development affecting all countries and enterprises. The development of green energy is now a vitally active and growing research topic. Among all renewable energy sources, solar power is a well-known energy source that can get easily and has fewer limitations to purchase and deploy. Solar energy creation is still comparatively expensive compared to fossil fuels. The ways to store energy are often insufficient for energy supply through the night, prolonged storms, and overcast cloudy climate.

Solar energy systems and connected technologies have developed into a largely utilized green energy source. Given the relatively high deployment costs, low conversion rates, and battery storage issues, solar power is still not an extensively applied energy source when compared to conventional energy sources. Despite the hurdles, there are several innovative studies of new technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence, big data, IoT, and new ways for enhancing solar energy transformation efficiency to better the competitiveness of solar power in the marketplace.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have become essential technology solutions. The sector is constantly looking to cater to the quickly increasing demand for clean, cheap, and reliable power. These advanced technologies can analyze the past, streamline the present, and predict the future. This means that AI and ML can remediate most of the hurdles in the solar sector.

With technology making quick advancements, the renewable power sector has made major progress in the past decade. However, a few hurdles still prevail that can be addressed with the assistance of AI and ML. There is no doubt that the demand for solar power will increase shortly, which makes it more vital for the investment in emerging technologies, including AI, ML, and IoT, to enhance productivity and overcome the shortfalls.

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