How AI Will Fuel Changes in the Energy Industry

How AI Will Fuel Changes in the Energy Industry

By Energy CIO Insights | Monday, May 13, 2019

HOW AI WILL FUEL CHANGES IN THE ENERGY INDUSTRYTechnological innovation is drastically changing the way industries carry out their works. In the energy industry, technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) are poised to transform the way energy is produced and transmitted. It is limiting the energy industry’s environmental impact at a scenario when demand is steadily growing, and the energy-producing portfolio is widening. Here AI is enabling fourth industrial revolution, and it is a catalyst that delivers the next level of performance thereby helping the sector to achieve the full demands.

AI will be the heart of the future smart grid, as it will continuously collect and analyze amounts of data from intelligent sensors to help with making timely decisions on how to best allocate energy resources. The advances made in deep learning algorithms—where machines learn on their own—spots patterns and anomalies in large data sets which will revolutionize the demand and supply side of the energy economy. As a result of which large regional grids will be replaced by specialized microgrids that can offer more exceptional solutions to manage local energy needs. When paired with new battery technologies that allow power to continually flow even when weather or outages affect the power system.

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On the consumer side smart meters including homes, businesses, and sensors along transmission lines will help to monitor energy demand and supply. Devices like synchrophasers can measure the flow of electricity through the grid in real time and allowing operators to supervise and avoid disruptions actively. The sensors will communicate with grids and control electricity use during off-peak times, hence reducing the workload of the network and lowering prices for customers. AI technology can also reduce total data center power consumption that translates a considerable amount into savings. AI will also allow a transition to an energy portfolio on the supply side with increased renewable resource production and minimal disruptions due to variable sunlight and wind intensity.

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