How 3D Printing is Transforming Power Industry

How 3D Printing is Transforming Power Industry

By Energy CIO Insights | Tuesday, March 19, 2019

As 3D printing manufactures the components with complex geometrics consuming fewer raw materials, it generates less waste. Subsequently, the energy consumption is reduced. This cutting edge technology has many applications in various industries which include conventional and renewable power sectors.

3D Printing Tech and Batteries

Lithium-ion batteries power most electric devices and vehicles. The organizations are implementing 3D printing technologies to create complex internal structures of batters with increased capacity and flexibility in both shape and size.

The Nuclear Power Industry

Robust, reliable, and resistant to high temperatures components are used by nuclear power plants. These components can be achieved with 3D printing designs which have become viable construction tools for the nuclear sector.

Nuclear power plant operators can save money by enforcing 3D printing. The 3D technology supports, design and site maintenance as well as creation of prototypes. It is also used for manufacturing spare parts.

Solar Power Industry

For the solar power industry, the implementation of 3D printing is a game changer as it solar panel manufacturing becomes a simpler process. The applications of 3D tech can reduce manufacturing cost by 50 percent and increase a 20 percent efficiency compared to traditional solar panels. The 3D printed solar panels are light super-thin solar strips which are easily transported anywhere with reduced chances of damages.

The Wind Power Industry

The large wind turbine blades can manufactured on-site where the designs are printed thereby saving transportation cost. Innovation and development through materials and manufacturing technologies are very much essential for the wind industry to increase its annual energy production continuously. 3D printing acts as a tool that makes up for the demand and supply for wind turbine spare parts of the discontinued models. 3D printing tech provides high equipment standards for effective and efficient plant operation.

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